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TCC LogoTom Carlson Consulting LLC is a small consulting firm specializing in all things NIEM-related, including training delivery and development, tool development, IEPD development, and GJXDM to NIEM conversions and conversion assessments.

Confused by these acronyms? Consult our glossary.


There are a variety of resources available to help you learn about the NIEM. Here are just a few:

NIEM.GOV is the official home of the NIEM. It's the main stop for the latest NIEM news as well as access to the official distributions and many of the tools.
NIEMTRAINING.ORG contains a myriad of links to NIEM training resources.
NIEMTOOLS.ORG is the home for many tools we've created, in conjunction with the NCSC, as well as links to other NIEM-specific tools. Now technically superseded by the NIEM Tools Catalog.
NIEM Wayfarer
NIEM Wayfarer is an online exploration tool for learning about the NIEM and how it's put together.